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Certificate, Diploma and Degree Level Programs

1Is A.I.C.E. a recognized organization?
 Yes. A.I.C.E. is registered with Govt of India as a non profit organization of higher learning. Regn. No.: MAH/1943/2005/PUNE.
2Can A.I.C.E. certificates be used for higher education in other universities?
 A.I.C.E. is a non profit organization of higher learning and not a university. Hence the certifications awarded by A.I.C.E. can not be used for higher learning in other universities. But many autonomous institutions allow our students to take their higher education courses.
3How much experience is needed to be eligible for "Fast Track Certification Program"?
 A candidate desirous of applying for "Fast Track Certification Program" must have a work experience in the related field of minimum 3 years.
4Is their any age criteria for "Fast Track Certification Program"?
 Following is the age criteria for "Fast Track Certification Program"
For Diploma Level certification - Minimum 16 Yrs.
For Degree Level Certification - Minimum 21 Yrs.
For Post Graduate Level Certification - Minimum 23 Yrs.
5Can I use this certification for Passport/ Visa?
 Yes. You can use this certification for Passport/ visa. It can also be used for applying for a new job, for promotions in the current job, visiting cards, letter heads and any other legal documents you fill out.
6What is the syllabus for different courses?
 Usually all the syllabi are academically equivalent to those of traditional syllabi of recognized Indian universities like Pune University, Mumbai University etc. But you will get exemptions in certain subjects depending on your assessment report. So the syllabus for your certification will be given to you after you apply for "Fast Track Certification Program".
7From where can I get the course material?
 Usually all the books that are needed for studying are available in the local market. If you desire, A.I.C.E. can also provide you the books on library basis by paying a nominal library deposit. After you return the books in good condition to us, you will get 50% of your library deposit back. The library deposit amount will be told to you after you apply for this option.
8Is this a Govt. of India undertaking?
 A.I.C.E. is registered with Govt. of India as a non profit organization of Higher Learning.
9After getting the certification, how will I be able to tell the method I earned my certification?
 This is 100% legal way of earning your certification. You can tell that you have passed the examination conducted by A.I.C.E. and have got the certification.
10Is this certification verifiable?
 Yes, any body with your permission can verify your credentials from us by postal mail.
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